Clear Dtc Using the Intelligent tester

a. Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

b. Turn the ignition switch ON.

c. Turn the tester ON.

d. Enter the following menus: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / DTC INFO / CLEAR CODES.

e. Press the YES button.

Dlc3 Toyota


Fig. 29: Connecting Cable Of Intelligent Tester To DLC3


Fig. 29: Connecting Cable Of Intelligent Tester To DLC3

3. CLEAR DTC (Without using the Intelligent tester)

a. Perform one of the following operations.

1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable for more than 1 minute.

2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Engine Control System (2UZ-FE) - Sequoia

2. Remove the EFI NO. 1 and ETCS fuses from the engine room junction block located inside the engine compartment for more than 1 minute.

b. Perform the initialization procedure (See INITIALIZATION ). CHECK MODE PROCEDURE


Intelligent tester only:

Compared to normal mode, check mode is more sensitive to malfunctions. Therefore, check mode can detect the malfunctions that cannot be detected by normal mode.

NOTE: All the stored DTCs and freeze frame data are erased if: 1) the ECM is changed from normal mode to check mode or vice versa; or 2) the ignition switch is turned from ON to ACC or OFF while in check mode. Before changing modes, always check and make a note of any DTCs and freeze frame data.

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