Deceleration sensors andor the ECU perform zero point calibration of the master cylinder pressure yaw rate and deceleration sensors See Calibration

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If the ignition switch is turned from the ON to the ACC or LOCK position in test mode, test mode DTCs will be erased.

a. Procedures for test mode:

1. Turn the ignition switch OFF.

2. Check that the shift lever is in the P position, and turn the steering wheel to the neutral position.

3. Using SST, connect terminals TS and CG of the DLC3. SST 09843-18040

4. Start the engine.

Yaris 2010 And Terminals
Fig. 5: Identifying DLC3 Connector Terminals

5. Check that the ABS and VSC TRAC warning lights blink. HINT:

If the ABS and VSC TRAC warning lights do not blink, inspect the ABS warning light circuit, VSC TRAC warning light circuit and TS terminal circuit.

6. Keep the vehicle in a stationary condition on a level surface for 4 sec. or more.

2007 BRAKES Brake Control - Sequoia

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    How to maintain deceleration sensor in vitz toyota 2001?
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