Dtc B Roll Over Cut Off Indicator Malfunction Description

The RSCA OFF switch is a mechanism that operates both right and left side of the curtain shield airbag assembly and the seat belt pretensioners when the center airbag sensor assembly detects a roll-over.

The RSCA OFF indictor is installed in the combination meter.

As operating the RSCA OFF switch, the indicator comes on to inform the driver that the roll-over detection system is not working.

The initial setting of the roll-over detection system is on. It automatically operates every time the ignition switch is turned on.



DTC Detecting Condition

Trouble Area


• The center airbag sensor assembly receives an open circuit signal, a short circuit to ground signal or a short circuit to B+ signal in the roll over cut off indicator circuit for 2 seconds.

• RSCA OFF indicator malfunction

• Center airbag sensor assembly malfunction

• Combination meter (RSCA OFF indicator)

• Center airbag sensor assembly

• Cowl wire



2007 RESTRAINTS Supplemental Restraint System - Sequoia

Toyota Rav4 Wiring Diagram
Fig. 144: Roll Over Cut OFF Indicator Malfunction - Wiring Diagram Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.

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