Purpose Of Readiness Tests

• The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD II) system is designed to monitor the performance of emission-

2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Engine Control System (2UZ-FE) - Sequoia related components, and indicate any detected abnormalities with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). Since various components need to be monitored during different driving conditions, the OBD II system is designed to run separate monitoring programs called Readiness Monitors.

• The intelligent tester's software must be version 9.0 or newer to view the Readiness Monitor Status. To view the status, Enter the following menus: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / MONITOR INFO / MONITOR STATUS.

• When the Readiness Monitor status reads COMPL (complete), the necessary conditions have been met for running the performance tests for that Readiness Monitor.

• A generic OBD II scan tool can also be used to view the Readiness Monitor status. HINT:

Many state Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs require a vehicle's Readiness Monitor status to show COMPL before beginning emissions tests.

The Readiness Monitor will be reset to INCMPL (incomplete) if:

• The ECM has lost battery power or blown a fuse.

• DTCs have been cleared.

• The conditions for running the Readiness Monitor have not been met.

If the readiness monitor status shows INCMPL, follow the appropriate readiness monitor drive pattern to change the status to COMPL.

CAUTION: Strictly observe posted speed limits, traffic laws, and road conditions when performing these drive patterns.

NOTE: The following drive patterns are the fastest method of completing all the requirements necessary for making the readiness monitor status read "complete". If forced to momentarily stop a drive pattern due to traffic or other factors, the drive pattern can be resumed. Upon completion of the drive pattern, in most cases, the readiness monitor status will change to "complete". Sudden changes in vehicle load and speed, such as driving up and down hills and/or sudden acceleration, hinder readiness monitor completion.

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