Adjust Headlight Aim Only

a. Place the vehicle in the following conditions.

• The area around the headlight is not deformed.

• The vehicle is parked on a level surface.

• Tire inflation pressure is the specified value.

• A driver is in the driver's seat and the vehicle is in a state ready for driving (with a tank full).

• The vehicle has been bounced several times.

b. Check the headlight aiming.

1. Prepare a thick white paper.

2. Stand the paper perpendicular to the ground at the position 3 m (9.84 ft) away from the headlights bulb center.

3. Ensure that the center line of the vehicle and the paper face forms a 90-degree angle as shown in the illustration.


4. Draw a horizontal line (H line) on the paper, showing where the headlights should strike.

5. Draw a vertical line (V line) at the position where the extended center line of the vehicle strikes.

6. Draw 2 vertical lines (by connecting the low and high beam center marks) to where the both headlights should strike (V RH and V LH lines).

7. Draw a horizontal line (by connecting the both low beam center marks) at the position where the headlights should strike (H RH and H LH lines).


The H RH and H LH line is 0.4° below the horizontal line (H line) of the light axis.

8. Start the engine.

9. Turn the headlights ON.

10. Check that the headlights properly strike the position shown in the illustration.

11. If not, adjust the lights in the vertical or horizontal direction.

Adjust Headlamp Toyota
Fig. 40: Checking Headlights Properly Strike Position Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.


As shown in the illustration, adjust each aim of the RH and LH lights.

c. When adjusting it in the vertical direction: Using adjusting bolt, adjust the headlight aim to within the specified range.


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