How To Power Window Regulator Motor Reset Limit Switch

If the jam protection function is not functioning properly, perform the following procedures. HINT:

It is necessary to reset the power window motor (in initial position for the limit switch) when separating the window regulator from the power window motor or operating the window regulator with the door glass not installed.

a. Remove the power window motor. HINT:

Place matchmarks on the power window motor and window regulator gear.

b. Connect the power window motor and power window switch to the wire harness of the vehicle.

c. Turn the ignition switch ON.

2006 ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT Windshield/Window Glass - Sequoia d. Press the power window UP switch until the motor completes 6 to 10 rotations (4 seconds of rotation or more).

e. Assemble the power window motor and regulator. HINT:

• Install the motor when the regulator arm is below the middle point.

• Align the matchmarks on the power window motor and window regulator gear when installing the power window motor.

f. Assemble the power window regulator and door glass. HINT:

Never rotate the motor downward until the completion of the window glass installation.

g. Connect the power window switch to the wire harness and turn the ignition switch ON.

h. Repeat UP and DOWN operation several times manually.

i. Check that AUTO UP --> AUTO DOWN automatic operation is normal.

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