Air Conditioning


SST (Special Service Tools)

^^^^^^^ 07110-58060 Air Conditioner Service Tool Set

(07117-58060) Refrigerant Drain Service Valve

^^ (07117-58080) Quick Disconnect Adapter

High pressure side

^^ (07117-58090) Quick Disconnect Adapter

Low pressure side

^^^^^ (07117-88060) Refrigerant Charging Hose

High pressure side (Color: Red'

(07117-88070) Refrigerant Charging Hose

Low pressure side (Color: Blue'

(07117-88080) Refrigerant Charging Hose


(Color: Green'

^^^^^ 07112-66040 Magnetic Clutch Remover

^^07112-76060 Magnetic Clutch Stopper

^^^^ 07116-38360 Gas Leak Detector Assembly

"ST ~

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