Position of Parts in Engine Compartment

For 2000 Sienna Ignition Coil

A 1 A/C Condenser Fan Motor A 2 A/C Magnetic Clutch and Lock Sensor A 3 A/C Triple Pressure SW

(A/C Dual and Single Pressure SW) A 5 ABS Actuator and ECU A 6 ABS Speed Sensor Front LH A 7 ABS Speed Sensor Front RH A19 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) A20 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) A22 A/C Ambient Temp. Sensor

F 1 Front Airbag Sensor LH

F 2 Front Airbag Sensor RH

F 3 Front Turn Signal Light and Parking Light LH

F 4 Front Turn Signal Light and Parking Light RH

F 5 Front Washer Motor

F 6 Front Wiper Motor

F 8 Fusible Link Block

F 9 Fusible Link Block

F15 Front Fog Light LH

F16 Front Fog Light RH

B 1 Brake Fluid Level Warning SW

C 2 Crankshaft Position Sensor

C 3 Cruise Control Actuator

C16 Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve LH

C17 Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve RH

D 1 Data Link Connector 1

D23 Diode (A/C Magnetic Clutch)

G 1 Generator

G 2 Generator

H 1 Headlight LH

H 2 Headlight RH

E 1 Electronically Controlled Transmission Solenoid E 2 Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor E 3 Engine Hood Courtesy SW

Position of Parts in Engine Compartment

Toyota Sienna Coolant Temperature Sensor


Idle Air Control Valve



Park/Neutral Position SW, A/T Indicator Light SW and


Injector No.1

Back-Up Light SW


Injector No.2



Power Steering Oil Pressure SW


Injector No.3


Injector No.4



Radiator Fan Motor


Injector No.5



Rear Washer Motor


Injector No.6


Ignition Coil and Igniter No.1





Ignition Coil and Igniter No.2





Ignition Coil and Igniter No.3


Ignition Coil and Igniter No.4



Theft Deterrent Horn


Ignition Coil and Igniter No.5



Throttle Position Sensor


Ignition Coil and Igniter No.6




J 1

Junction Connector



VSV (Intake Air Control)



VSC Actuator

K 1

Knock Sensor 1



VSV (Canister Closed Valve)


Knock Sensor 2


VSV (Intake Air Control No.2)


Keyless Buzzer


VVT Solenoid LH


VVT Solenoid RH

M 1

Mass Air Flow Meter

M 4

Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor

W 1

Washer Level Warning SW

W 2

Water Temp. Sender

N 1

Noise Filter (Ignition)


Water Temp. SW No.1


Water Temp. SW No.2

O 1

Oil Pressure SW


O/D Direct Clutch Speed Sensor

Position of Parts in Instrument Panel

Toyota Avalon Knock Sensor Bank

A 8 AC Amplifier


Combination Meter

A 9 AC Amplifier


Combination SW



Combination SW

A11 AC Thermistor


Combination SW

A12 ACC Main Relay


Cruise Control ECU

A13 Airbag Squib (Front Passenger Airbag Assembly)

A14 Airbag Squib (Steering Wheel Pad)

D 3

Data Link Connector 3

A15 Ashtray Illumination

D 4

Daytime Running Light Relay (Main)

A16 Automatic Light Control Sensor

D 6

Diode (Courtesy No.3)

A21 A/F Heater Relay

D 8

Diode (Daytime Running Light No.2)

A23 A/C Control Assembly

D 9

Diode (Dome No.1)

A24 A/C Control Assembly


Diode (Dome No.2)

A25 A/C Control Assembly


Diode (Dome No.3)

A27 AC Room Temp. Sensor


Diode (Park/Neutral Position SW)

A28 A/C Solar Sensor


Diode (Dome No.4)

A30 Active Light Relay


Diode (Dome No.5)

A31 Air Inlet Control Servo Motor


Diode (Buckle SW)

A32 Air Mix Control Servo Motor (Front)

A33 Air Vent Mode Control Servo Motor

E 8

Engine Control Module

E 9

Engine Control Module

B 2 Back-Up Light Relay


Engine Control Module

B 3 Blower Motor

E 11

Engine Control Module

B 4 Blower Resistor


Engine Control Module

B 5 Blower SW

B16 Blower Motor Controller (Front)

F 10

Front Tweeter Speaker LH

F 11

Front Tweeter Speaker RH

C 4 Center Airbag Sensor Assembly

F 17

Fog Light Relay

C 5 Center Airbag Sensor Assembly

C 6 Center Airbag Sensor Assembly

G 3

Glass Antenna Amplifier

C 7 Cigarette Lighter

C 8 Clock

H 7

Hazard SW

C 9 Combination Meter


Heater Blower SW (Front)

C10 Combination Meter

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