Remove the drive gear with the sliding roof full closed

(a) Disconnect the connector.

(b) Remove the 3 bolts and drive gear.

(c) Remove the screw and cam plate cover.

(d) Turn the drive gear to align the point marks as shown in the illustration.

(e) Install the cap plate cover and screw. NOTICE:

At the time of installation, please refer to the following item. If the sliding roof position and drive gear full close position are not matched, the sliding roof does not operate normally.


(a) Disconnect the 4 drain hoses from the housing.

(b) Remove the 8 bolts and 4 brackets. Torque: 5.5 Nm (56 kgfcm, 49 in.lbf)

(c) Remove the 6 nuts, then remove the housing as shown in the illustration.



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