Rivet Installation


(1) Apply touch-up paint at the area.

(2) Select an installation tool.


Installation tool

Aluminum-Rivet Waterproof-Rivet with 04.8 mm

Hand Riveter or Air Riveter

Steel-Rivet Waterproof-Rivet with 06.O mm T-Rivet with 06.4 mm

Air Riveter

(3) Select the smallest a nose piece possible for a rivets mandrel.

NOTE: Wrong selection of a nose piece may cause the riveter to be damaged or bad tightening.

<Reference> Nose piece of Air Riveter

Parts Name

Parts Number


Rivet type

Nose piece No. 1

09050 -02020


04.0 mm Aluminum 04.0 mm Steel 04.8 mm Waterproof

Nose piece No. 2

09050 -02030


04.8 mm Aluminum 04.8 mm Steel

Nose piece No. 3

09050 -02040


06.4 mm T-Rivet

Nose piece No. 4

09050 -02050


04.0 mm Waterproof Special

(4) Insert the nose piece to the riveter and then the mandrel of the new rivet into the nose piece.

(5) Vertically insert the rivet into a hole and keep place it strongly. NOTE:

• If the tip of the rivet is not deformed or the mandrel is not cut, repeat process (5) again.

Do not place your hands or the wire harness within a radius of 20 mm (0.70 in.) from the rivet, as the rivet is cut and opened in this area.



• Prizing a riveter damages the riveter showing that it is not tightened correctly and bends the mandrel.



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"I >=> Ü



• Loose tightening may result from either tilting the riveter while handling or the riveter not connecting to the material.

• Loose tightening also occurs when a rivet is applied between materials without touching.

When a mandrel of a rivet is lost, the rivet should be replaced to prevent loose tightening.

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