SST Special Service Tools

^^^ 09023-00100 Union Nut Wrench 10 mm

^^^^^^^ 09268-46021 Nozzle Holder Retaining Nut

09703-30010 Brake Shoe Return Spring Tool

09709-29018 LSPV Gauge Set

09718-00010 Shoe Hold Down Spring Driver

^^^^^^^^^^^ 09737-00010 Brake Booster Push Rod Gauge

^^^^^^^ 09751-3601 1 Brake Line Union Nut 10 x 12 mm

0984348020 Diagnosis Check Wire

09843-18040 Diagnosis Check Wire No.2




SST (Special Service Tools)


^^^^^^^^^^ 09082-00700 SRS Airbag Deployment Tool

^^ 09082-00740 Airbag Deployment Wire

^^^ ^ 09812-00010 Door Hinge Set Bolt Wrench

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Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

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