Toyota Supra MK3 90 Repair

Output Of Diagnostic Codes

Sst 09843 18020

To obtain an output of diagnostic codes, proceed as follows a Battery voltage above 11 volts b Throttle valve fully closed throttle position sensor IDL points closed c Transmission in neutral position 2. Turn the ignition switch to ON. Do not start the engine. 3. Using SST, connect terminals Tn and Et of the check connector. HINT The check connector is located near the ignition coil. CHECK ENGINE Warning Light 4. Read the diagnostic code as indicated by the number of flashes of the CHECK ENGINE...

Antilock Brake System Abs Description

Malfunction The Speed Sensor

The A.B.S. is a brake system which controls the wheel cylinder hydraulic pressure of all four wheels during sudden braking and braking on slippery road surfaces, preventing the wheels from locking. This A.B.S. provides the following benefits 1 Enables steering round an obstacle with a greater degree of certainty even when panic braking. 2 Enables stopping in a panic brake while keeping the effect upon stability and steerability to a minimum, even on curves. The function of the A.B.S. is to...

Inspection And Repair Of Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump Leaking Gasket Supra

INSPECT OIL CLEARANCE BETWEEN ROTOR SHAFT AND BUSHING Using a micrometer and calipers, measure the oil clearance. Standard clearance 0.01 0.03 mm 0.0004 - 0.0012 In. Maximum clearance 0.07 mm 0.0028 in. If the clearance is greater than maximum, replace the entire PS pump. 2. INSPECT ROTOR AND VANE PLATES a Using a micrometer, measure the height, thickness and length of the vane plates. Minimum height 8.1 mm 0.319 in. Minimum thickness 1.797 mm 0.0707 in. Minimum length 14.988 mm 0.5901 in. b...