Onvehicle Inspection

INSPECT BATTERY SPECIFIC GRAVITY AND ELECTROLYTE LEVEL (a) Check the specific gravity of each cell. Standard specific gravity When fully charged at 20 C (68 F) 1.25 - 1.27 If not within specifications, charge the battery, (b) Check the electrolyte quantity of each cell. If insufficient, refill with distilled tor purified) water. 2. CHECK BATTERY TERMINALS AND FUSIBLE LINKS (a) Check that the battery terminals are not loose or corroded. (b) Check the fusible links for continuity. (a) Visually...

Inspection Of Actuator Operation

INSPECT BATTERY VOLTAGE Battery voltage 10 - 14.5 V 2. DISCONNECT CONNECTORS FROM ACTUATOR Disconnect the three connectors from the actuator. 3. CONNECT ACTUATOR CHECKER (SST) TO (a) Connect the actuator checker (SST) to the actuator and body side wire harness through the sub-wire harness (SST) as shown. (b) Connect the red cable of the checker to the battery positive (+) terminal and black to the negative (-) terminal. Connect the black cable of the sub-wire harness to the battery negative (-)...

Inspection Of Control Relays

Remove the two control relays from the actuator. 2. INSPECT PUMP MOTOR RELAY CONTINUITY (a) Check that there is continuity between terminals 1 and 2. (b) Check that there is no continuity between terminals 3 and 4. (c) Check that there is no continuity between terminals 1 and 4. If continuity is not as specified, replace the relay. 3. INSPECT PUMP MOTOR RELAY OPERATION (a) Apply battery voltage to terminals 1 and 2. (b) Check that there is continuity between terminals 3 and 4. (c) Check that...

B Using SST to hold the flange remove the nut SST

(c) Using SST, remove the companion flange. SST 09557-22022 (a) Using SST. remove the oil seal. SST 09308-10010 4. REMOVE FRONT BEARING AND BEARING SPACER (a) Using SST. remove the front bearing. SST 09556-22010 If the front bearing is damaged or worn, replace the bearing. 5. INSTALL NEW BEARING SPACER AND FRONT BEARING (a) Install a new bearing spacer on the shaft. (b) Install the front bearing on the shaft. 6. INSTALL OIL SLINGER AND NEW OIL SEAL (a) Install the oil slinger facing as shown....

Assembly Of Gear Housing

COAT POWER STEERING FLUID OR GREASE ON FOLLOWING PARTS Molybdenum disulphide lithium base grease Power steering fluid 2. INSTALL CYLINDER HOUSING OIL SEAL AND SPACER (a) Coat a new oil seal lip with power steering fluid. (b) Insert SST into the oil seal and spacer. SST 09631-12020. 09631-22070 (c) Tap in the spacer and oil seal softly. HINT If necessary, scrape the burrs off the rack teeth end and burnish. (b) Coat SST with power steering fluid. (c) Insert the rack into the cylinder. To prevent...

Inspection Of Egr System

Mk3 Supra Gauge

CHECK AND CLEAN FILTERS IN EGR VACUUM MODULATOR (a) Check the filter for contamination or damage. (b) Using compressed air, clean the filter. Using a 3-way connector, connect a vacuum gauge to the hose between the EGR valve and EGR vacuum modulator. Start the engine and check that the engine starts and runs at idle. (a) The coolant temperature should be below 57 C < 135 Fh (b) Check that the vacuum gauge indication is zero at 2.500 rpm. 5. CHECK VSV AND EGR VACUUM MODULATOR WITH HOT ENGINE...

Inspection And Repair Of Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump Leaking Gasket Supra

INSPECT OIL CLEARANCE BETWEEN ROTOR SHAFT AND BUSHING Using a micrometer and calipers, measure the oil clearance. Standard clearance 0.01 0.03 mm 0.0004 - 0.0012 In. Maximum clearance 0.07 mm 0.0028 in. If the clearance is greater than maximum, replace the entire PS pump. 2. INSPECT ROTOR AND VANE PLATES a Using a micrometer, measure the height, thickness and length of the vane plates. Minimum height 8.1 mm 0.319 in. Minimum thickness 1.797 mm 0.0707 in. Minimum length 14.988 mm 0.5901 in. b...

Inspection And Repair Of Oil Pump Drive Shaft Bearings And Bushing

7mgte Oil Pump Shaft Bearing

a Using a micrometer, measure the journal diameter of pump drive shaft. Front 40.959 - 40.975 mm 1.6126 - 1.6132 in. Rear 32.959 - 32.975 mm 1.2976 - 1.2982 in. b Using a cylinder gauge, measure the inside diameter of the pump drive shaft bearing. Front 41.000 - 41.025 mm 1.6142 - 1.6152 in. Rear 33.000 - 33.025 mm 1.2992 - 1.3002 in. c Subtract the journal diameter measurement from the bearing inside diameter measurement. Standard oil clearance 0.025 - 0.066 mm 0.0010 - 0.0026 in. Maximum oil...

Inspection Of Piston And Connecting Rod Assemblies

Piston Clearance 7mgte

a Using a gasket scraper, remove the carbon from the piston top. b Using a groove cleaning tool or broken ring, clean the ring grooves. lt c Using a soft brush and solvent, thoroughly clean the piston. 2. INSPECT PISTON DIAMETER AND OIL CLEARANCE a Using a micrometer, measure the piston diameter at a right angle to the piston pin hole center line, 22 mm 0.87 in. from the piston head. HINT There are five sizes of standard piston diameter, marked 01, 2, 3 and 4 accordingly. The mark is stamped...

Inspection Of Isc Valve

Using an ohmmmeter, measure the resistance between terminal 81 - SI or S3 and B2 - S2 or S4. Resistance 81 - S1 or S3 10 - 30 fl 82 - S2 or S4 10 - 30 ft If resistance is not as specified, replace the ISC valve. a Apply battery voltage to terminals B1 and B2 and while repeatedly grounding SI S2 S3 S4 S1 in sequence, check that the valve moves toward the closed position. lt b gt Apply battery voltage to terminals B1 and B2 and while repeatedly grounding S4 S3 S2 S1 S4 in sequence, check that the...

Output Shaft Assembly Components

Aw11 Synchronizer Ring

1 kg em ft lb, N-mj Specified torque DISASSEMBLY OF OUTPUT SHAFT ASSEMBLY 1. REMOVE FIFTH GEAR. CENTER BEARING AND FIRST GEAR ASSEMBLY a Using a press, remove the 5th gear, center bearing, thrust washer and 1st gear. b Remove the synchronizer ring. c Remove the straight pin and needle roller bearing.

Output Of Diagnostic Codes

Sst 09843 18020

To obtain an output of diagnostic codes, proceed as follows a Battery voltage above 11 volts b Throttle valve fully closed throttle position sensor IDL points closed c Transmission in neutral position 2. Turn the ignition switch to ON. Do not start the engine. 3. Using SST, connect terminals Tn and Et of the check connector. HINT The check connector is located near the ignition coil. CHECK ENGINE Warning Light 4. Read the diagnostic code as indicated by the number of flashes of the CHECK ENGINE...

C Apply the battery voltage between terminals At this time confirm that a solenoid operation

2001 Toyota Key Interlock Solenoid

a Disconnect the solenoid connector. b Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between terminals. c Apply the battery voltage between terminals. At this time, confirm that a solenoid operation. 4. INSPECT SHIFT LOCK CONTROL SWITCH Inspect that there is continuity between each terminals. 4. INSPECT SHIFT LOCK CONTROL SWITCH Inspect that there is continuity between each terminals.

Installation Of Isc Valve

Isc Valve Toyota

Install the check valve and seal washer as shown in the illustration, to the air intake chamber. b Connect the No. 1 water by-pass hose to the ISC valve. c Install a new gasket and ISC valve with the two bolts. Torque 130 kg-cm 9 ft-lb, 13 N-m 2. CONNECT AIR HOSE AND AIR NO.2 WATER BY-PASS HOSE

Check And Adjustment Of Clutch Pedal

Mr2 Aw11 Mk1 Clutch Pedal

CHECK THAT PEDAL HEIGHT IS CORRECT Pedal height from asphalt sheet 157 - 167 mm 2. IF NECESSARY, ADJUST PEDAL HEIGHT a Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjusting bolt until the height is correct. c gt After adjusting the pedal height, check the pedal freeplay. 3. CHECK THAT PEDAL FREEPLAY IS CORRECT AS SPECIFIED Push in on the pedal until the beginning of clutch resistance is felt. Pedal freeplay 5-15 mm 0.20 - 0.59 in. Push rod play at pedal 1 - 5 mm 0.04 - 0.20 In. 4. IF NECESSARY, ADJUST...

Automatic Transmission Ae

DESCRIPTION TROUBLESHOOTING Basic Troubleshooting General Troubleshooting Operating Mechanism for Each Gear AT-12 Diagnosis System Preliminary Check Manual Shifting Test Electronic Control System Mechanical System Tests Automatic Shift Schedule Neutral Start Switch ON-VEHICLE REPAIR Valve Body Parking Lock Pawl Extension Housing Speedometer Driven Gear REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF TRANSMISSION TORQUE CONVERTER AND DRIVE PLATE AT-45 REMOVAL OF COMPONENT PARTS COMPONENT PARTS General Notes Oil...

Replacement Of Power Steering Fluid

JACK UP FRONT OF VEHICLE AND SUPPORT IT WITH STANDS 2. REMOVE FLUID RETURN HOSE FROM RESERVOIR TANK AND DRAIN FLUID INTO CONTAINER 3. WITH ENGINE IDLING. TURN STEERING WHEEL FROM LOCK TO LOCK WHILE DRAINING FLUID 5. FILL RESERVOIR TANK WITH FRESH FLUID Fluid type ATF DEXRON D 6. START ENGINE AND RUN IT AT 1,000 RPM After 1 or 2 seconds, fluid will begin to discharge from the return hose. Stop the engine immediately at this time. NOTICE Take care that some fluid remains left in the reservoir...

Removal Of Upper Suspension

Suspension Arm Supra

DISCONNECT UPPER SUSPENSION ARM FROM STEERING KNUCKLE a Remove the brake hose bracket from steering knuckle. b Remove the cotter pin and nut. c Using SST, disconnect the upper suspension arm from the steering knukle. Remove the upper suspension arm mounting bolt and nut, and remove the upper suspension arm.

Replacement Of No And No Lower Arm Bushings

REPLACE NO.1 LOWER SUSPENSION ARM BUSHING a Using SST. press out the No. 1 lower suspension arm bushing. b Using SST, press in a new No. 1 lower suspension arm bushing 2. REPLACE NO.2 LOWER SUSPENSION ARM BUSHING lt a Using SST, press out the No.2 lower suspension arm bushing. SST 09710-22041 09710 02020. 09710 02040, 09710020501 b Using SST. press in a new No.2 lower suspension arm bushing. SST 09710-22041 lt 09710 02020. 09710 02040. 09710-02050

Inspection Of Spark Plugs Notice

Never use a wire brush for cleaning. Never attempt to adjust the gap on a used plug. Spark plugs should be replaced every 60,000 miles 100,000 km . If using a megger insulation resistance meter a Remove the high-tension cords. See page IG-6 b Measure the insulation resistance. Correct insulation resistance More than 10 Mil If less than 10 MI , proceed to step 2. a Quickly race the engine to 4,000 rpm five times. b Remove the spark plugs. See procedure below Cc Visually inspect the spark plugs....

Inspection Of Starter Relay

Toyota Supra Starter Relay

LOCATION The relay located in the passenger's kick panel. a Using an ohmmeter. check that there is continuity between terminals 1 and 3. b Check that there is no continuity between terminals 2 and 4. If continuity is not as specified, replace the relay. a Apply battery voltage across terminals 1 and 3. b Check that there is continuity between terminals 2 and 4. If operation is not as described, replace the relay.

Where Is Thermostat On Toyota Highlander 2001

Toyota Highlander Thermostat

The cooling system is composed of the water jacket inside the cylinder block and cylinder head , radiator, water pump, thermostat, cooling fan, hoses and other components. Coolant which is heated in the water jacket is pumped to the radiator, through which an cooling fan blows air to cool the coolant as it passes through. Coolant which has been cooled is then sent back to the engine by the water pump, where it cools the engine. The water jacket is a network of channels in the shell of the...

Disassembly Of Parking Brake

Toyota Supra Remove Rotors

a Remove the two mounting bolts and remove the disc brake assembly. b Suspend the disc brake so the hose is not stretched. Place the matchmarks on the rotor disc and rear axle shaft, and remove the rotor disc. HINT If the drum cannot be removed easily, return the shoe adjuster until the wheel turns freely. Using SST. remove the shoe return springs. SST 09717 20010 5. REMOVE FRONT SHOE. ADJUSTER AND TENSION SPRING a Slide out the front shoe and remove the shoe adjuster. b Disconnect the tension...

If Necessary Adjust Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor Repair

a Loosen the two screws of the sensor. b Insert a thickness gauge 0.58 mm 0.0228 in. 7M-GE or 0.70 mm lt 0.0276 in. 7M-GTE between the throttle stop screw and lever, and connect the ohm-meter to terminals IDL and E2. c Gradually turn the sensor clockwise until the ohm-meter indicator deflects, and secure the sensor with two screws. d Using a thickness gauge, recheck the continuity between terminals IDL and E2. Clearance between lever and stop screw

Remove Piston And Connecting Rod Assemblies

1997 Toyota Main And Rod Bearing Torque

a Remove all the carbon from the top of the cylinder. b Cover the rod bolts with a short piece of hose to protect the crank pin from damage. c Push the piston and connecting rod assembly out through the top of the cylinder block. d Arrange the pistons and connecting rod caps in order. 21. CHECK CRANKSHAFT THRUST CLEARANCE Using a dial gauge, measure the crankshaft thrust clearance while prying the crankshaft back and forth with a screwdriver. Standard clearance 0.05 0.25 mm 0.0020 - 0.0098 In....

Inspection Of Circuit Opening Relay

Circuit Opening Relay

a Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between terminals STA and E1. b Check that there is continuity between terminals B and FC. c Check that there is no continuity between terminals B and FP. If continuity is not as specified, replace the relay. a Apply battery voltage across terminals STA and El. b Using an ohmmeter. check that there is continuity between terminals B and FP. c Apply battery voltage across terminals B and FC. d Check that there is continuity between terminals B...