Antilock Brake System Abs Description

• The A.B.S. is a brake system which controls the wheel cylinder hydraulic pressure of all four wheels during sudden braking and braking on slippery road surfaces, preventing the wheels from locking. This A.B.S. provides the following benefits:

(1) Enables steering round an obstacle with a greater degree of certainty even when panic braking.

(2) Enables stopping in a panic brake while keeping the effect upon stability and steerability to a minimum, even on curves.

• The function of the A.B.S. is to help maintain directional stability and vehicle steerability on most road conditions. However, the system cannot prevent the vehicle from skidding if the cornering speed limit is exceeded.

• In case a malfunction occurs, a diagnosis function and fail safe system have been adopted for the A.B.S. to increase serviceability.

Malfunction The Speed Sensor

A.B.S. Computer

Ignition Switch

A.B.S. Actuator

Rear Speed Sensor

Master Cylinder

Stop Light Switch


Front Brake Cylinder

Rear Brake Cylinder

ANTILOCK Warning Light

Front Speed Sensor

Front Speed Sensor

Master Cylinder

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