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(b) Stake the claws of the tank plates with SST in the numerical order shown in the illustration.

SST 09230-00010

NOTICE: If the bottom of the core plate is staked with the SST on the guide block stopper, it may result in water leakage.

SST 09230-00010


♦ Stake with just enough pressure to leave a mark on the claw. The staked plate height "B" should be as follows: Plate height: 9.18 - 9.53 mm (0.3614 - 0.3752 in.)

• Do not stake the areas protruding around the pipes, brackets or tank ribs.


' " «y

• The points shown in the illustration cannot be staked with the SST. Use pliers and be careful not to damage the core plate.

C00106 C00360


(a) Tighten the drain plug.

(b) Plug the oil cooler pipes to prevent any water leakage into the oil cooler.

(c) Plug the inlet and outlet pipes of the radiator with SST. SST 09230 00010

(d) Using a radiator tester, apply pressure to the radiator. Test pressure: 1.5 kg/cm? (21 psi, 147 kPa) (e> Inspect for water leaks.

HINT: On radiators with resin tanks, there is a clearance between the core plate and tank plate where a minute amount of air will remain, giving the appearance of an air leak when the radiator is submerged in water. Therefore, before performing the water leak test, first swish the radiator around in the water until all air bubbles disappear.


HINT: If the water leak test checks out okay, allow the radiator to completely dry and then paint the tank plates.

C.00362 C003*9

C00106 C00360


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