Check That Warning Light Turns On

(a) Turn the ignition switch on.

(b) Check that the "ANTILOCK" warning light turns on for 3 seconds.

If not, inspect and repair or replace the fuse, bulb and wire harness.


(a) Turn the ignition switch on.

(b) Disconnect the actuator check connecter.

1st Digit 2nd Digit


1—1 1 1


2.5s 1.6* 4s


M nnif n n


2 3 i 11


(c) In event of a malfunction, 4 seconds later the warning light will begin to blink. Read the number of blinks. (See DIAGNOSTIC CODE on page BR-53)

HINT: The first number of blinks will equal the first digit of a two digit diagnostic code. After a 1.5 second pause, the 2nd number of blinks will equal the 2nd number of a two digit code. If there are two or more codes, there will be a 2.5 second pause between each, and indication will begin after 4.0 seconds pause from the smaller value and continue in order to larger.

0.25 seconds





L l

0.25 seconds


(d) If the system is operating normally (no malfunction), the warning light will blink once every 0.5 seconds.

(e) Repair the system.

(f) After the malfunctioning components has been repaired, clear the diagnostic codes stored in the computer.

HINT: If you disconnect the battery cable while repairing, all diagnostic codes in the computer will erased.

(g) Connect the actuator check connecter.

(h) Turn the ignition switch on, and check that the "ANTILOCK" warning light goes off after the warning light goes on for 3 seconds.

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