Component Parts General Notes

The instructions here are organized so that you work on only one component group at a time.

This will help avoid confusion from similar-looking parts of different subassemblies being on your workbench at the same time.

The component groups are inspected and repaired from the converter housing side. As much as possible, complete the inspection, repair and assembly before proceeding to the next component group. If a component group can not be assembled because parts are being ordered, be sure to keep all parts of that group in a separate container while proceeding with disassembly, inspection, repair and assembly of other component groups. Recommended ATF: DEXRON' n


1. All disassembled parts should be washed clean, with any fluid passages and holes blown through with compressed air.

2. When using compressed air to dry parts, always aim away from yourself to prevent accidentally spraying automatic transmission fluid or kerosene on your face.

3. The recommended automatic transmission fluid or kerosene should be used for cleaning. PARTS ARRANGEMENT:

1. After cleaning, the parts should be arranged in proper order to allow efficient inspection, repairs, and reassembly.

2. When disassembling a valve body, be sure to keep each valve together with the corresponding spring.

3. New brakes and clutches that are to be used for replacement must be soaked in transmission fluid for at least two hours before assembly.


1. All oil seal rings, clutch discs, clutch plates, rotating parts, and sliding surfaces should be coated with transmission fluid prior to reassembly.

2. All gaskets and rubber O-rings should be replaced.

3. Make sure that the ends of a snap ring are not aligned with one of the cutouts and arc installed in the groove correctly.

4. If a worn bushing is to be replaced, the subassembly containing that bushing must also be replaced.

5. Check thrust bearings and races for wear or damage. Replace if necessary.

6. Use petroleum jelly to keep parts in place.

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