Components Contd

No. 1 1st& Rev. Brake Piston

Reaction Sleeve

Transmission Case

Piston Return Spring Bearing i

♦ Brake Drum Gasket

Leaf Spring

Rear Planetary Gear,

No. 2 One Way Clutch and Output Shaft

Second 8rake Drum

Piston Sleeve

1st & Rev. 8rake Pack Snap Ring

Second Brake Pack

Planetary Sun Gear and No. 1 One Way Clutch

Brake Band « Race

Front Planetary Gear


O/D Support

Front Planetary Ring Gear

Snap Ring ßearing O/D Brake Pack


Direct and Forward Clutch


O/O Planetary Ring Gear

0/0 Planetary Gear, Direct Clutch and One-Way Clutch

Ikg cm (ft-lb, N-m)| : Specified torque ♦ Non-reusable part

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