Components R Transmission

Toyota Corolla Transmission

Speedometer Driven Gear [ WO (12.16)J

Shift Lever Retainer

Front Bearing Retainer

Extension Housing

Clutch Housing

Restrict Pin

Rear Speed Sensor

Transmission Case

Oil Receiver

Straight Screw Rug

No. 2 Shift Fork Shaft No. 3 Shift Fork Shaft

No. 5 Shift Fork Shaft

Reverse Shift Head

Reverse Shift Arm Bracket

Reverse Shift Arm

Reverse Shift Fork

Shift Lever Housing

No. 4 Shift Fork Shaft

Shift and Select Lever kg cm (ft-lb, N-m)] : Specified torque

♦ Non reusable part

* Precoated part


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    Where is going the speed rear censor for toyota yaris?
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