If Necessary Adjust Throttle Position Sensor

(a) Loosen the two screws of the sensor.

Throttle Position Sensor Repair

(b) Insert a thickness gauge 0.58 mm (0.0228 in.) (7M-GE) or 0.70 mm <0.0276 in.) (7M-GTE) between the throttle stop screw and lever, and connect the ohm-meter to terminals IDL and E2.

(c) Gradually turn the sensor clockwise until the ohm-meter indicator deflects, and secure the sensor with two screws.

Senzor Abs Corolla E11

(d) Using a thickness gauge, recheck the continuity between terminals IDL and E2.

Clearance between lever and stop screw

Continuity (I0L - E2)



0.40 mm (0.0157 in.)

0.50 mm (0.0197 in.)


0.75 mm (0.0295 in.)

0.90 mm (0.0354 in.)

No continuity

Echo 2001 Tps Sensor

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