Inspect Operation Of Shock Absorber

(a) While pushing the piston rod check that the pull throughout the stroke is even, and there is no abnormal resistance or noise.

(b) Push the piston rod in fully and release it. Check that it returns at a constant speed throughout.

<c) Check that control rod in the piston rod can be turned easily with a needle nose pliers.

Starting torque: (for reference)

With the control positioned as shown in the illustration, check that there is a difference in damping at each position.



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Before discarding the shock absorber, drill a hole 2 — 3 mm (0.079 — 0.118 in.) in diameter at the location as shown in the figure to release the gas inside.


• When drilling, chips may fly out. so work carefully.

• The gas is colorless, odorless and non-poisonous.

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