Inspection Of Cold Start Injector

SST (Hose)

SST (Union)

SST (Wire)

SST (Union)

SST (Wire)

Union Bolt



Supra Mkiii Injector Wires


Using an ohmmeter. check the resistance of the injector. Resistance: 2 - 4 fl

If the resistance is not as specified, replace the cold start injector.

INSPECT INJECTION OF COLD START INJECTOR CAUTION: Keep clear of sparks during the test.

(a) Install SST (two unions) to the injector and delivery pipe with new gaskets and the union bolts.

SST 09268-41045 (09268-41080, 90405-09015)

(b) Connect the SST (hose) to the unions. SST 09268-41045

(c) Connect the SST (wire) to the injector. SST 09842-30050

(d) Put a container under the injector.

(e) Reconnect the battery negative (—) terminal.

(f) Turn the ignition switch ON. HINT: Do not start the engine.

(g) Using SST, connect terminals + B and Fp of the check connector.

SST 09843-18020

(h) Connect the test probes of the SST (wire) to the battery, and check that the fuel spray is as shown.

SST 09842-30050

NOTICE: Perform this check within the shortest possible time.


(a) In the condition above, disconnect the test probes of SST (wire) from the battery and check fuel leakage from the injector.

SST 09842-30050

Fuel drop: One drop or less per minute

<b> Disconnect the battery negative ( — ) cable, (c) Remove SST.

SST 09268-41045 (09268-41080, 90405-0901 5), 09843-18020 and 09842-30050

Sst 09843 18020

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