Remove Oil Pump Drive Pulley

Using a screwdriver to hold the pulley, remove the pulley bolt and pulley.

Toyota Supra Mk3 Oil Pump

Socket Wrench


• Do not bend, twist or turn the belt inside out.

• Do not allow the belt to come into contact with oil. water or steam.

• Do not utilize belt tension when installing or removing the set bolt of the camshaft timing pulley.

Carrier Supra Water Pump Belt Tensioner

If there are defects as shown in the illustrations. Check the following points and replace the timing belt if necessary.

(a) Premature parting

• Check for proper installation.

• Check the timing belt cover gasket for damage and proper installation.

(b) If the belt teeth are cracked or damaged, check to see if the camshaft is locked.

(c) If there is noticeable wear of cracks on the belt face, check to see if there are nicks on one side of the idler pulley lock.

<d) If there is wear or damage on only one side of the belt, check the belt guide and the alignment of each pulley.

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(e) If there is noticeable wear on the belt teeth, check the timing belt cover gasket for damage and correct gasket installation. Check for foreign material on the pulley teeth.

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