Steering Wheel Pad With Airbag

1. When removing the steering wheel pad or handling a new steering wheel pad. it should be placed with the pad top surface facing up. In this case, the twin-lock type connector lock lever should be in the locked state and care should be taken to place it so the connector will not be damaged. And do not store a steering wheel pad on top of another one (Storing the pad with its metallic surface up may lead to a serious accident if the airbag inflates for some reason).

2. Never measure the resistance of the airbag squib (This may cause the airbag to deploy, which is very dangerous).

3. Grease should not be applied to the steering wheel pad and the pad should not be cleaned with detergents of any kind.

4. Store the steering wheel pad where the ambient temperature remains below 93°C (200°F), without high humidity and away from electrical noise.

5. When using electric welding, first disconnect the airbag connector (yellow color and 2 pins) under the steering column near the combination switch connector before starting work.

6. When disposing of a vehicle or the steering wheel pad alone, the airbag should be deployed using an SST before disposal (See page AB-82). Perform the operation in a place away from electrical noise.

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