Troubleshooting With Voltohmmeter

HINT: The following troubleshooting procedures are designed for inspection of each separate system, therefore the procedure may vary somewhat. However, troubleshooting should be performed referring to the inspection methods described in this manual.

Before beginning inspection, it is best to first make a simple check of the fuses, fusible links and condition of the connectors.

The following troubleshooting procedures are based on the supposition that the trouble lies in either a short or open circuit in a component outside the computer or a short circuit within the computer.

If engine trouble occurs even though proper operating voltage is detected in the computer connector. then it can be assumed the computer is faulty and should be replaced.

No. 1 Junction Block

Fusible Link 2.0L

Fusible Link 2.0L

Junction Block cCbBS


Fusible Supra Mk3

EFl Main Relay

Fusible Link AMI 4OA

Fusible Link AMI 4OA


IGN 7.5A

Fusible Link AM2 30A

Fusible Link AM2 30A

F use EFl15A

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