Toyota 2015 4runner Evap Leak Detection Pump



Monitoring Items

Detection Conditions

Trouble Areas

Detection Timings

Detection Logic

Leak detection pump

creates negative

pressure (vacuum) in


Purge VSV (Vacuum Switching Valve) stuck open

EVAP system and EVAP system pressure measured. 0.02 inch leak criterion measured at start and at end of leak check. If stabilized pressure

• Connector/wire harness (Purge VSV -ECM)

• Canister pump module

• Leakage from EVAP system

While ignition switch OFF

2 trip

higher than [second 0.02 inch leak criterion x 0.2], ECM

determines that

purge VSV stuck


After EVAP leak

check performed,

purge VSV turned

ON (open), and

atmospheric air

• Purge VSV

introduced into EVAP

• Connector/wire

system. 0.02 inch


leak criterion

(Purge VSV -


Purge VSV stuck

measured at start


While ignition switch

2 trip

If pressure does not return to near atmospheric pressure, ECM determines that purge VSV stuck closed

• Canister pump module

• Leakage from EVAP system


While engine running,

following conditions

successively met:

• Negative

pressure not

created in EVAP

system when purge VSV turned ON (open) • EVAP system pressure change

• Connector/wire harness (Purge VSV -ECM)

• Leakage from EVAP line (Purge VSV -Intake manifold)



Purge flow

less than 0.5 kPa (3.75 mmHg) when vent valve turned ON (closed) • Atmospheric pressure change before and after purge flow monitor less than 0.1 kPa (0.75 mmHg)

While engine running

2 trip

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