2010 Tacoma Crankshaft Seal Install


(a) Remove any old packing (FIPG) material and be careful not to drop any oil on the contact surfaces of the cylinder head and cylinder block.

(b) Apply a continuous bead of the seal packing (diameter 2.5 to 3 mm (0.098 to 0.118 in.)) to a new cylinder head gasket as shown in the illustration. Seal packing:

Part No. 08826-00080 or equivalent NOTICE:

Install the cylinder head within 3 minutes of applying seal packing. Tighten the cylinder head bolts within 15 minutes of installing the cylinder head. Otherwise, the seal packing must be removed and reapplied.

(c) Place the cylinder head gasket on the cylinder block surface with the Lot No. stamp upward. NOTICE:

• Be careful of the installation direction.

• Place the cylinder head carefully in order not to damage the gasket with the bottom part of the head.


(a) Place the cylinder head on the cylinder head gasket.

(b) Install the 8 cylinder head bolts. HINT:

• The cylinder head bolts are tightened in 2 successive steps (steps (3) and (5)).

• If any cylinder head bolts are broken or deformed, replace them.

(1) Apply a light coat of engine oil to the threads of the cylinder head bolts.

(2) Install the plate washer onto the cylinder head bolt.

(3) Using several steps, tighten each bolt uniformly with a 10 mm bi-hexagon wrench in the sequence shown in the illustration.

Torque: 36 N*m (367 kgf*cm, 27 ft.*lbf) If any cylinder head bolts do not meet the torque specification, replace them. NOTICE:

Do not drop the washers into the cylinder head.

(4) Mark the front side of each cylinder head bolt with paint.

(5) Retighten the cylinder head bolts 180° as shown.

(6) Check that the painted marks are now at 180° from the engine front.

(c) Install the ground cables with the 2 bolts.


(a) Install the camshaft bearing No. 2 onto the cylinder head. NOTICE:

Clean the installation planes of the back side of the bearing and cylinder head and keep them free of oils and fats.


Keep the camshaft level while it is being removed. The camshaft thrust clearance is very small and failing to keep it level could crack or damage the cylinder head journal surface, which receives the thrust. This could subsequently lead the camshaft to seize or break. Perform the following steps to avoid such problems.

(a) Set the crankshaft position.

(1) Using the crankshaft pulley set bolt, turn the crankshaft, and set the crankshaft set key in the left horizontal position. NOTICE:

Installing the crankshaft at the wrong angle could cause the piston head and valve head to come into contact with each other when installing the camshaft. This could cause damage, so always set the crankshaft at the correct angle.

(b) Apply new engine oil to the thrust portion and journal of the camshafts.

(c) Place the 2 camshafts onto the cylinder head with the cam lobes of No. 1 cylinder facing in the directions shown in the illustration.

(d) Install the 8 bearing caps in the proper locations as shown.

(e) Apply a light coat of engine oil to the threads and under the heads of the bearing cap bolts.

(f) Using several steps, uniformly install and tighten the 16 bearing cap bolts in the sequence shown in the illustration.

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