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The MAF meter is a sensor that measures the amount of air flowing through the throttle valve. The ECM uses this information to determine the fuel injection time and to provide an appropriate air-fuel ratio. Inside the MAF meter, there is a heated platinum wire which is exposed to the flow of intake air. By applying a specific electrical current to the wire, the ECM heats it to a specific temperature. The flow of incoming air cools both the wire and an internal thermistor, affecting their resistance. To maintain a constant current value, the ECM varies the voltage applied to these components of the MAF meter. The voltage level is proportional to the airflow through the sensor, and the ECM uses it to calculate the intake air volume. If there is a defect in the sensor, or an open or short in the circuit, the voltage level deviates from the normal operating range. The ECM interprets this deviation as a malfunction in the MAF meter and sets the DTC. Example:

If the voltage is more than 2.2 V, or less than 0.93 V while idling, the ECM determines that there is a malfunction in the MAF meter and sets the DTC.

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