Read Data List Test Value Of Af Sensor

Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

Turn the ignition switch to ON and turn the tester ON.

Clear DTCs (see page ES-40).

Allow the vehicle to drive in accordance with the drive pattern described in the CONFIRMATION DRIVING


Select the following menu items on the tester: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / MONITOR INFO / MONITOR STATUS.

Check that the status of O2S MON is COMPL.

If the status is still INCMPL, drive the vehicle according to the driving pattern again.


• AVAIL indicates that the component has not been monitored yet.

• COMPL indicates that the component is functioning normally.

• INCMPL indicates that the component is malfunctioning.

Select the following menu items: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / MONITOR INFO / TEST RESULT / RANGE B1S1, then press the ENTER button. Check the test value of the A/F sensor output current during fuel-cut.


Test Value

Proceed To

Within normal range (1.0 mA or more, and less than 3.6 mA)


Outside normal range (Less than 1.0 mA, or 3.6 mA or more)

Go to step 20

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