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The purpose of the monitor result (mode 06) is to allow access to the results for on-board diagnostic monitoring tests of specific components/systems that are not continuously monitored. Examples are catalyst, evaporative emission (EVAP) and thermostat.

The monitor result allows the intelligent tester to display the monitor status, test value, minimum test value and maximum test limit. These data are displayed after the vehicle has been driven to run the monitor.

When the test value is not between the minimum test limit and maximum test limit, the ECM (PCM) interprets this as a malfunction. When the component is not malfunctioning, if the difference of the test value and test limit is very small, the component will malfunction in the near future. Perform the following instructions to view the monitor status. Although these instructions refer to the Lexus/Toyota diagnostic tester, it can be checked using a generic OBD II scan tool. Refer to your scan tool operator's manual for specific procedures.

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  • christine
    How to replace a nock sensor on 2005 toyota v6?
    4 months ago
  • fatima longhole
    How to check knock sensor on a 2007 Toyota Tacoma 2.7l?
    2 months ago

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