Typical Enabling Conditions


Monitor runs whenever following DTCs not present

P0010, P0020 (OCV Bank 1, 2) P0011 (VVT System 1 - Advance) P0012 (VVT System 1 - Retard) P0021 (VVT System 2 - Advance) P0022 (VVT System 2 - Retard)

P0031, P0032, P0051, P0052 (A/F sensor heater - Sensor 1)

P0100 - P0103 (MAF meter)

P0115 - P0118 (ECT sensor)

P0120 - P0223, P2135 (TP sensor)

P0125 (Insufficient ECT for closed loop)

P0335 (CKP sensor)

P0340, P0341 (CMP sensor)

P0500 (VSS)

P2440 (A/R control valve stuck open) P2441 (A/R control valve stuck close) P2444 (AIP stuck ON) P2445 (AIP stuck OFF)

Fuel system status


Battery voltage

11 V or more

Throttle position leaning


Either of following conditions A or B set


A. Engine RPM

Below 1,100 rpm

B. Intake air amount per revolution

0.22 g/rev. or more

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