When testing a goldplated female terminal always use a goldplated male terminal





(1) If there is any foreign matter on the terminal, clean the contact point using an air gun or cloth. Never rub the contact point using sandpaper as the plating may come off.

(2) If there is abnormal contact pressure, replace the female terminal. If the male terminal is gold-plated (gold color), use a gold-plated female terminal; if it is silver-plated (silver color), use a silver-plated female terminal.

(3) Damaged, deformed, or corroded terminals should be replaced. If the terminal does not lock into the housing, the housing may have to be replaced.


(1) If removing a wire harness, check the wiring and clamping before proceeding so that it can be restored in the same way.

(2) Never twist, pull or slacken the wire harness more than necessary.

(3) The wire harness should never come into contact with a high temperature part, or rotating, moving, vibrating or sharp-edged parts. Avoid contact with panel edges, screw tips and other sharp items.

(4) When installing parts, never pinch the wire harness.

(5) Never cut or break the cover of the wire harness. If it is cut or broken, replace it or repair it with vinyl tape.

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