Wiring Diagram

Refer to DTC P0335 (See page ES-173).


• Read freeze frame data using an intelligent tester. Freeze frame data record the engine condition when malfunctions are detected. When troubleshooting, freeze frame data can help determine if the vehicle was moving or stationary, if the engine was warmed up or not, if the air-fuel ratio was lean or rich, and other data, from the time the malfunction occurred.

• After replacing the ECM or adjusting intake valve timing, confirm that the DTC output does not recur.

(a)Connect an intelligent tester to the DLC3.

(b)Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(c)Turn the tester ON.

(e)Switch the ECM from normal mode to check mode using the tester (see page ES-43).

(f) Start the engine and warm it up.

(g)Allow the engine to idle for 1 minute or more, and then drive the vehicle for 1 minute or more.

(h)Confirm that no DTC is set, using the tester.

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