If Necessary Adjust Throttle Position Sensor

2002toyota Throttle Body Vsv Hose

a Loosen the 2 set screws of the sensor. b Insert a 0.60 mm 0.024 in. feeler gauge between the throttle stop screw and stop lever. c Connect the tester probe of an ohmmeter to the terminals IDL and E2 of the sensor. d Gradually turn the sensor clockwise until the ohmmeter deflects, and secure it with the 2 set screws. e Recheck the continuity between terminals IDL and E2. Clearance between lever and stop screw

Manual Steering Gear Components

Steering Gear Toyota Corolla 1991

1 Pinion Bearing Adjusting Screw Lock Nut Pinion Bearing Adjusting Screw O Bearing- 1 Pinion Bearing Adjusting Screw Lock Nut Pinion Bearing Adjusting Screw O Bearing- O Non-reusable part Precoated part Molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease 1. PLACE FRONT WHEELS FACING STRAIGHT AHEAD 2. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL PAD See page SR-13 3. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL See page SR-13 4. DISCONNECT RH AND LH TIE ROD ENDS See page SA-10 5. REMOVE COLUMN HOLE COVER Remove the 4 nuts. 6. DISCONNECT SLIDING YOKE...

ABS Warning Light Circuit

Dlc1 Connector

If the ECU detects trouble, it lights the ABS warning light while at the same time prohibiting ABS control. At this time, the ECU records a DTC in memory. After removing the short pin of the DLC1, connect between terminals Tc and E1 of the DLC1 to make the ABS warning light blink and output the DTC. Troubleshooting in accordance with the chart below for each trouble symptom. See Combination Meter Troubleshooting on page BE-2 . Disconnect the connectors from the control relay. CHECK Check the...

For Vehicles Equipped With Srs Airbag And Seat Belt Pretensioner

Toyota 2003 Rav4 Airbag Sensor Location

a The TERCEL is equipped with an SRS Supplemental Restraint System , such as the driver airbag and front passenger airbag. Failure to carry out service operations in the correct sequence could cause the supplemental restraint system to unexpectedly deploy during servicing, possibly leading to a serious accident. Further, if a mistake is made in servicing the supplemental restraint system, it is possible the SRS may fail to operate when required. Before servicing including removal or...

Install Egr Valve And Vacuum Modulator

Spark Plug Tercel

a Install a new gasket and the EGR valve with the 2 nuts. Torque 30 Nm 300 kgfcm, 22 in.lbf b Install the EGR vacuum modulator and bracket with the bolt. Install a new gasket, sleeve ball and the EGR pipe with the union nut and 2 nuts. Torque Union nut 23. INSTALL THROTTLE BODY See page MF-32 a Connect the vacuum hose from the EGR valve. b Connect the 3 vacuum hoses from the throttle body. c Connect the vacuum hose from TVV to charcoal canister . d Connect the vacuum hose from the TVV to...

Check Egr Vacuum Modulator Operation

Toyota Pickup Air Cleaner Flow

a Disconnect the vacuum hoses from ports P, Q and R of the EGR vacuum modulator. b Block ports P and R with your finger. c Bllow air into port Q, and check that the air passes through to the air filter freely. d Start the engine and maintain speed at 2,500 rpm. e Repeat the above test. Check that there is a strong resis-tans to air flow. If operation is not as specified, replace the EGR vacuum modulator. f Reconnect the vacuum hoses to the proper locations.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

Toyota Carina Trouble Code

The inspection procedure is shown in the table below. This table permits efficient and accurate troubleshooting using the diagnostic trouble codes displayed in the diagnostic trouble code check. Proceed with troubleshooting in accordance with the inspection procedure given in the diagnostic chart corresponding to the diagnostic trouble codes displayed. The engine diagnostic trouble code chart is shown below as an example. The suspected circuits or parts for each problem symptom are shown in the...