Adjust Valve Clearance

(a) Remove the adjusting shim.

(1) Turn the crankshaft to position the cam lobe of the camshaft on the adjusting valve points upward.

(2) Position the notch of the valve lifter so that the shim can be removed with a small screwdriver as shown in the illustration.

Toyota Tercel Valve Clearance

(3) Using SST (A), press down the valve lifter and place SST (B) between the camshaft and valve lifter flange. Remove SST (A). SST 09248-55040 (09248-05410, 09248-05420)


• Apply SST (B) at slight angle on the side marked with "9", at the position shown in the illustration.

Toyota Tercel Valve Clearance

• Set SST (A) at position A, if position A is too narrow, at position B, as shown in the illustration.

Remove Adjust Shim Valve Toyota

(4) Remove the adjusting shim with a small screwdriver and magnetic finger.

(b) Determine the replacement adjusting shim size by the following Formula or Charts on the next 2 pages:

(1) Using a micrometer, measure the thickness of the removed shim.

(2) Calculate the thickness of a new shim so that the valve clearance comes within specified value.

T Thickness of removed shim

A Measured valve clearance

N Thickness of new shim

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