Be careful not to damage the camshaft

(b) Install the camshaft gear spring.

(c) Install the camshaft sub-gear.

(d) Install the wave washer. HINT:

Align the pins on the gears with the gear spring ends.

(e) Using snap ring pliers, install the snap ring.

(f) Using SST, align the holes of the camshaft main gear and sub-gear by turning camshaft sub-gear clockwise, and install a service bolt.

SST 09960-10010 (09962-01000, 09963-00500) 4. INSTALL INTAKE AND EXHAUST CAMSHAFTS NOTICE:

Since the thrust clearance of the camshaft is small, the camshaft must be kept level while it is being installed. If the camshaft is not kept level, the portion of the cylinder head receiving the shaft thrust may crack or be damaged, causing the camshaft to seize or break. To avoid this, the following steps should be carried out.

Toyota Tercel Camshaft Marks

(a) Apply engine oil to the thrust portion of intake camshaft.

(b) Place the intake camshaft as shown in the illustration so that the service bolt of the intake camshaft gears are directly above.


This helps to lift the intake camshaft in a level and uniform manner by pushing No.3 and No.4 cylinder cam lobes of the intake camshaft toward their vale lifters.

(c) Install the 4 bearing caps in their proper locations.

(d) Temporarily tighten the bearing cap bolts uniformly and alternately, in several passes, in the sequence shown until the bearing caps are snug with the cylinder head.

Toyota Yaris Cams Marks

(e) Apply engine oil to thrust portion of the exhaust camshaft.

(f) Engage the exhaust camshaft gear to the intake camshaft gear by matching the timing marks on each gear.

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