Caulk Lock Plate

(a) Lightly press SST against the lock plate in the order shown in the illustration. After repeating this a few times, fully caulk the lock plate by squeezing the handle until stopped by the stopper plate. SST 09230-01010


• Do not stake the areas protruding around the ports,brack-et or tank ribs.

• The oil cooler (A/T only) and the points attowed in the il-lustlation cannot be staked with the SST. Use a plier or like object and be careful not to damage the core plates.

Dimension B

Part v Stopper Bolt


v Stopper Bolt


Punch Assembly Overhaul Handle

Punch Assembly Overhaul Handle

Sequoia Back Latch Diagram Image

(b) Check the lock plate height (H) after completing the caulking.

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