Circuit Description

Speed Sensor Rotor N S Magnet



Low Speed High Speed



Low Speed High Speed




DTC Detecting Condition

Trouble Area

Si, S2, SS, S4

Detection of any of conditions 1 through 3:

1. At vehicle speed of 10 km/h (6 mph) or more, pulses are not input for 5 sec.

2. Momentary interruption of the speed sensor signal occurs at least 7 times in the time between switching the ignition switch ON and switching it OFF

3. Abnormal fluctuation of speed sensor signals with the vehicle speed 20 km/h (12 mph) or more

(Right front, left front, right rear or left rear speed sensor

(Open or short in each speed sensor circuit

• DTC 31 is for the right front speed sensor.

• DTC 32 is for the left front speed sensor.

• DTC 33 is for the right rear speed sensor.

• DTC 34 is for the left rear speed sensor. Fail safe function:

If trouble occurs in the speed sensor circuit, the ECU cuts off current to the ABS control (solenoid) relay and prohibits ABS control.

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