Diagnosis System

(a) Check the indicator.

When the ignition switch is turned ON, check that the ABS warning light goes on for 3 seconds.


If the indicator check result is not normal, proceed to troubleshooting for the ABS warning light circuit (See page DI-138 ).

(b) Check the DTC.

¡^(yj Short Pin

(1) Turn the ignition switch ON.

(2) Disconnect the short pin from


' ' FI6443




R0l bmj


(3) Using SST, connect terminals Tc and E1 of the DLC1.

SST 09843-18020

(4) Read the DTC from the ABS warning light on the combination meter.

If no code appears, inspect the diagnostic circuit or ABS warning light circuit (See page DI-141 or DI-138 ).

Normal Code

Code 11 and 21

Code 11

Code 21

• As an example, the blinking patterns for normal code and codes 11 and 21 are shown in the illustration.

(5) Code are explained in the code table on page DI-1 15.

(6) After completing the check, disconnect terminals Tc and E1, and turn off the display.

If 2 or more malfunctions are indicated at the same time, the lowest numbered DTC will be displayed 1st.


(1) Using SST, connect terminals Tc and E-| of the DLC1 and remove the short pin from the DLC1.

SST 09843-18020

(3) Clear the DTC stored in ECU by depressing the brake pedal 8 or more times within 3 seconds.

(4) Check that the warning light shows the normal code.

(5) Remove the SST from the terminals of the DLC1. SST 09843-18020

(6) Connect the short pin to the DLC1.


Cancellation can also be done by removing the DOME fuse , but in this case, other memory systems will also be cancelled out.

(d) Using TOYOTA break-out-box and TOYOTA hand-held tester, measure the ECU terminal values.

(1) Hook up the TOYOTA hand-held tester and TOYOTA break-out-box to the vehicle.

(2) Read the ECU input/output values by following the prompts on the tester screen.


TOYOTA hand-held tester has a "Snapshot " function. This records the measured values and is effective in the diagnosis of intermittent problems.

Please refer to the TOYOTA hand-held tester/TOYOTA break out-box operators manual for further details.

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