Fuel System

(a) When disconnecting the high fuel pressure line, a large amount of gasoline will spill out, so observe these procedures:

(1) Disconnect the fuel pump connector.

(2) Start the engine. After the engine has stopped on its own, turn the ignition switch.

(3) Put a container under the connection.

(4) Slowly loosen the connection.

(5) Disconnect the connection.

(6) Plug the connection with a rubber plug.

(7) Reconnect the fuel pump connector.

(b) When connecting the union bolt on the high pressure pipe union, observe these procedures:

(1) Always use 2 new gaskets.

(2) Tighten the union bolt by hand.

(3) Tighten the union bolt to the specified torque. Torque: 29.0 Nm (290 kgfcm, 22 ftlbf)

(c) When connecting the flare nut on the high pressure pipe union, observe these procedures:

(1) Apply a light coat of engine oil to the flare nut, and tighten the flare nut by hand.

(2) Using SST, tighten the flare nut to specified torque. SST 09631-22020

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