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Troubleshoot in accordance with the procedure on the following pages. (Vehicle Brought to Workshop) ._i__

Customer Problem Analysis P. DI-2

Titles inside// // are titles of pages in this manual, with the page number indicated in the bottom portion. See the indicated pages for detailed explanations.

f Connect the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester to DLC3 P. DI-3 If the display indicates a communication fault in the tool, inspect DLC3 P. DI-3

Check DTC and Freeze Frame Data (Pre-check) Record or Print DTC and Freeze Frame Data P. DI-3

4 H Clear DTC and Freeze Frame Data P. DI-3 /

5 H Visual Inspection fl

6 H Setting the Check Mode Diagnosis P. DI-3 ~fl

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