How To Proceed With Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting of the theft deterrent system is based on the premise that the door lock control system is operating normally. Accordingly, before troubleshooting the theft deterrent system, first make certain that the door lock control system is operating normally.

For troubleshooting using a volt/ohm meter, see pages DI-215 .

Be sure to use troubleshooting procedure appropriate to the diagnostic tool being used.

Perform troubleshooting in accordance with the procedure on the following page.

Vehicle Brought to Workshop

Customer Problem Analysis P. DI-216

Titles inside // // are titles of pages in this manual, with the page number indicated in the bottom portion. See the indicated pages for detailed explanations.

Problem Symptom Confirmation

Problem does not occur 3

Symptom Simulation

Problem occurs 4

Matrix Chart of Problem Symptoms P. DI-223

Circuit Inspection

Identification of Problem

H Repair jj

Confirmation Test

Step 5, 7 : Diagnostic steps permitting the use of the TOYOTA hand- held tester or TOYOTA break-out-box.

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