Inspect Fuel Tank And Line

(a) Check the fuel lines for cracks or leakage, and all connections for deformation.

(b) Check the fuel tank vapor vent system hoses and connections for looseness, sharp bends or damage.

(c) Check the fuel tank for deformation, cracks, fuel leakage or tank band looseness.

(d) Check the filler neck for damage or fuel leakage.

(e) Hose and the tube connections are as shown in the illustration.

(f) Make sure the hose clamps do not interfere with the tank, tubes, hoses and other parts.

If a problem is found, repair or replace the parts as necessary.

2.5 mm (0.1 in.) or less
Toyota Hilux Fuel Tank Check Valve

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    How to install fuel filler neck for a 1996 toyota avalon?
    3 years ago

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