Part No or equivalent

(n) Place the No.2 bearing cap in its proper location. When doing this, check that there is no gap between the cylinder head and the contact surface of bearing cap. (o) Temporarily tighten the bearing cap bolts, alternately tightening the left and right bolts uniformly. (p) Install the camshaft housing plug.

(q) Install and uniformly tighten the 10 bearing cap bolts, in several passes, in the sequence shown. Torque: 13 Nm (13 kgfcm, 9 ftlbf)

(r) Apply MP grease to a new camshaft oil seal lip.

(s) Install the oil seal as far as the deepest part of the cylinder head.

(t) Clean the installed surfaces of the No.1 bearing cap and cylinder head with cleaner. (u) Apply seal packing to the No.1 bearing cap as shown. Seal packing:

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