Part No Three Bond B or equivalent

• Install a nozzle that has been cut to a 2 - 3 mm (0.08 - 0.12 in.) opening.

Toyota Tercel Coolant Temperature Sensor


Avoid applying an excess amount to the surface. Be especially careful near oil passages.

• Parts must be assembled within 15 minutes of application. Otherwise, the material must be removed and reapplied.

• Immediately remove nozzle from tube and reinstall cap.

• Do not pour in any coolant until at least 2 hours after installation is completed.

(c) Install the water outlet housing with the bolt and 2 nuts. Torque: 17.5 Nm (175 kgfcm, 13 ftlbf)

(d) Connect the 2 radiator hoses.

(e) Connect the water inlet hose.

(f) Connect the heater outlet hose.

(g) Connect the engine coolant temperature sensor connector.

(h) Connect the engine coolant temperature sender gauge connector.

(i) Connect the fan engine coolant temperature switch connector.

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