How To Disassemble Steering Wheel On 96 Toyota Tercel


• If the airbag connector is disconnected with the ignition switch at ON or ACC, DTCs will be recorded.

• Never use airbag parts from another vehicle. When replacing parts, replace with new ones.

(a) Place the front wheels facing straight ahead.

(b) Using a torx socket wrench, loosen the 2 torx screws. HINT:

Loosen the 2 screws until the groove along the screw circumference catches on the screw case.

Airbag Connector Steering Wheel Diagram

(c) Pull the wheel pad from the steering wheel and disconnect the airbag connector. CAUTION:

• When storing the wheel pad, keep the upper surface of the pad facing upward.

• Never disassemble the wheel pad. NOTICE:

When removing the wheel pad, take care not to pull the air-bag wire harness. 2. w/o Airbag:


(a) Remove the screw.

Toyota Sst 09950 50010


(a) Disconnect the connector.

(b) Remove the steering wheel set nut.

(c) Place matchmarks on the steering wheel and main shaft assembly.

(d) Using SST, remove the wheel.

SST 09950-50010 (09951-05010, 09952-05010, 09953-05020, 09954-05020)

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