Only the 2 brushes of the positive (+) side (york side) are exchangeable, negative (-) side brush must be changed in the body with the brush holder.

(a) Cut the brush lead wire at the terminal side.

(b) Shave welded mark of the brush lead wire with sandpaper etc., and correct the terminal to the specified.


Part to be shaved is so narrow that you should take care not to harm the field coil.

Specified thickness: 1.5 - 1.7 mm (0.059 - 0.067 in.)

(c) Press the plate of the supply brush on the welded side of the terminal lead wire.

(d) Solder the pressed part, and shave to the specified measures with the sandpaper etc. Specified width: 7.0 mm (0.276 in.) Specified thickness: 3.3 mm (0.130 in.)

• Heat the soldered part well, and fiow the solder inside the plate, take care not to flow it into flow it into the inside lead wire.

• Take care not to flow the solder into field.


(a) Using SST and press, press out the center bearing. SST 09221-25026 (09221-00090)

(b) Using SST and a press in a new center bearing to the position shown in the illustration. SST 09221-25026 (09221-00090)

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