SST Special Service Tools

^^^ 09223-00010 Cover & Seal Replacer

Rear suspension

09223-15020 Oil Seal & Bearing Replacer

Front axle

09308-00010 Oil Seal Puller

Front axle Rear axle

09309-36010 Transmission Rear Bearing

Front drive shaft

^^ 09316-2001 1 Transfer Bearing Replacer

Front drive shaft

^^^^^^ 09520-00031 Rear Axle Shaft Puller

Front axle

^ S. . " "

Rear axle

(09553-10010) Differential Side Bearing

(09557-1001 1) Differential Drive Pinion

0960840010 Steering Knuckle Oil Seal

Front axle

09608-16042 Front Hub Bearing Adjusting Tool

Front drive shaft

Front axle

09628-6201 1 Ball Joint Puller

Front axle Front drive shaft Front suspension

^^^^ 09631-12040 Oil Seal "A" Replacer

Front axle

^^^^ 09727-30021 Coil Spring Compressor

Front suspension Rear suspension

09729-22031 Front Spring Upper Seat Holder

Front suspension

^^^^^^^ 09751-3601 1 Brake Line Union Nut 10 x 12 mm

Brake Line

09950-00020 Bearing Remover

Front axle Front drive shaft


Front axle Rear axle

© """R""' 41

CD """ 61

© *"51""65

^^ 09950-70010 Handle Set

Front axle Rear axle

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  • demet
    How to replace axle 1996 toyota tercel?
    8 years ago

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