Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Deterrent gives the exact steps required to make sure you never become a victim. It shows you how the criminal actually gets at the information they need to steal identities so that you can bolt the door firmly shut and keep them out. As with all criminals, identity thieves are looking for an easy life. Just as a burglar moves on down the street when he checks out a house and discovers it has an alarm, a dog and security lights in the backyard, the identity thief will quickly move on when he realizes you have taken measures to safeguard your details and Identity Theft Deterrent will show exactly how to do just that.

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Customer Problem Analysis Check

Constant Sometimes Times per day, month Weather Conditions When Problem Occurred Fine Cloudy Rainy Snowy Theft deterrent system cannot be set. Indicator light does not flash when the theft deterrent system is set. It stays on or does not light at all. Theft deterrent system does not operate. When unlocked using the door lock knob. When the engine hood is opened. System cannot be canceled once set. When door is unlocked using key or wireless door lock control system. When the key is inserted in...

Position of Parts in Engine Compartment

Toyota Avalon Knock Sensor Bank

A 1 A C Condenser Fan Motor A 2 A C Magnetic Clutch and Lock Sensor A 3 A C Triple Pressure SW A C Dual and Single Pressure SW A 5 ABS Actuator and ECU A 6 ABS Speed Sensor Front LH A 7 ABS Speed Sensor Front RH A19 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 A20 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Bank 2 Sensor 1 A22 A C Ambient Temp. Sensor F 3 Front Turn Signal Light and Parking Light LH F 4 Front Turn Signal Light and Parking Light RH B 1 Brake Fluid Level Warning SW C16 Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve LH...

Headlight Relay Circuit Description

2002 Toyota Echo Wiring Diagram

HEAD relay will be ON by operating the light control switch. The transistor which activates the HEAD relay has two sorts one is activated by the light control switch for fail safe and the other is activated by CPU. The one that is activated by CPU prevents the headlight from turning off at the time of trouble with the other system in the automatic operation circuit. When the theft deterrent system is activated, it causes the transistor in the ECU to switch ON and OFF at approximately 0.25 sec....

Theft Deterrent System

PASSIVE MODE is a function that switches theft deterrent system from arming preparation state to armed state 30 seconds after key is not in the key cylinder and all doors, engine hood and luggage compartment door are closed, even if doors are not locked by wireless or door key lock operation In PASSIVE MODE, if you do not perform following operations within 14 seconds after door is opened during armed state, theft deterrent system will judge that condition as a theft and switch to alarm...

Overview of instruments and controls

2000 Rav4 Fuel Tank Door Release Switch

Instrument panel Instrument cluster Center cluster overview Indicator symbols on the instrument 7. Front personal lights, interior light and or electric moon roof switches 16. Seat ventilator heater switches 18. Automatic transmission selector lever 22. Driving position memory switches View B with key cylinder-type ignition switch 1. Instrument panel light control knob 2. Headlight, turn signal and front fog light switches 3. Audio remote control switches 4. Speech command switch See the...

Engine immobilizer system

Engine Immobilizer System Toyota Camry

The engine immobilizer system is a theft prevention system using an electronic code. The transponder chip in the key has an electronic code and transmits the code to the vehicle. Only when the electronic code in the chip corresponds to the register ID code for the vehicle, the engine immobilizer system will be canceled and the engine will start. When you use the mechanical key push the release button and take out the mechanical key as shown. Be sure to put the mechanical key back when not it...