Cylinder Head

Toyota Truck Camshaft Bearing Cap

Camshaft and Bearing Cap Cylinder Head I kg-cm ft-lb, N-m Tightening torque Non-reusable part 1. DISCONNECT CABLE FROM NEGATIVE TERMINAL OF BATTERY 2. DRAIN COOLANT FROM RADIATOR AND CYLINDER BLOCK 5. DISCONNECT EXHAUST PIPE FROM EXHAUST MANIFOLD a Disconnect the Ox sensor wire. b Remove three nuts holding exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe. 6. DISCONNECT RADIATOR UPPER HOSE FROM THERMOSTAT HOUSING 8. DISCONNECT ACCELERATOR CABLE Disconnect the accelerator cable and throttle cable for A T...


Toyota Truck 4runner Vacuum Manifold

To maintain a stoichiometric air fuel ratio in order to simultaneously reduce HC, CO and NOx emissions by the three-way catalyst, consist of the fuel system feedback control system and air suction feedback system. Remarks By means of vacuum switch, detects heavy load driving condition. Signal of air-fuel ratio of inlet gas for TWC. By means of Ox sensor, detects oxygen concentration in exhaust manifold after combusion. If air-fuel ratio is rich for TWC, opens EACV and EBCV. If lean, closes EACV...

Check Bvsv And Egr Vacuum Modulator With Hot Engine

2004 Rav4 Intake Manifold Vacuum

b Check that the vacuum gauge indicates low vacuum at 3,500 rpm. c Disconnect the vacuum hose from R port of the EGR vacuum modulator and connect R port directly to the intake manifold with another hose. d Check that the vacuum gauge indicates high vacuum at 3,500 rpm. NOTE As a large amount of EGR gas enters, the engir will misfire slightly at this time. e Disconnect the vacuum gauge and reconnect the vacuum hoses to the proper locations.