Fuel Evaporative Emission Control Evap System

Runner Evap Test Valve Location

To reduce HC emission, evaporated fuel from the fuel tank is routed through the charcoal canister to the throttle body for combustion in the cylinders. HC from tank is absorbed in the canister. HC from canister is led into throttle body. HC from tank is absorbed in the canister.

Cylinder Head

Toyota Truck Camshaft Bearing Cap

Camshaft and Bearing Cap Cylinder Head I kg-cm ft-lb, N-m Tightening torque Non-reusable part 1. DISCONNECT CABLE FROM NEGATIVE TERMINAL OF BATTERY 2. DRAIN COOLANT FROM RADIATOR AND CYLINDER BLOCK 5. DISCONNECT EXHAUST PIPE FROM EXHAUST MANIFOLD a Disconnect the Ox sensor wire. b Remove three nuts holding exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe. 6. DISCONNECT RADIATOR UPPER HOSE FROM THERMOSTAT HOUSING 8. DISCONNECT ACCELERATOR CABLE Disconnect the accelerator cable and throttle cable for A T...


Toyota Truck 4runner Vacuum Manifold

To maintain a stoichiometric air fuel ratio in order to simultaneously reduce HC, CO and NOx emissions by the three-way catalyst, consist of the fuel system feedback control system and air suction feedback system. Remarks By means of vacuum switch, detects heavy load driving condition. Signal of air-fuel ratio of inlet gas for TWC. By means of Ox sensor, detects oxygen concentration in exhaust manifold after combusion. If air-fuel ratio is rich for TWC, opens EACV and EBCV. If lean, closes EACV...

Check Bvsv And Egr Vacuum Modulator With Hot Engine

2004 Rav4 Intake Manifold Vacuum

b Check that the vacuum gauge indicates low vacuum at 3,500 rpm. c Disconnect the vacuum hose from R port of the EGR vacuum modulator and connect R port directly to the intake manifold with another hose. d Check that the vacuum gauge indicates high vacuum at 3,500 rpm. NOTE As a large amount of EGR gas enters, the engir will misfire slightly at this time. e Disconnect the vacuum gauge and reconnect the vacuum hoses to the proper locations.