Service connector location Left fender apron

Connect the positive ( + ) testing probe to the Ox terminal and negative ( —) testing probe to terminal E.

(c) Race the engine at 2,500 rpm for about 90 seconds.

(d) Maintain engine speed at 2,500 rpm.

(e) Check that the needle of the voltmeter fluctuates 8 times or more in 10 seconds within 0 — 7 volts.


• If this test is positive, the Ox sensor is OK.

• If not, inspect the other parts, hose connections and wiring of air suction and fuel system feedback control system (EC-36).

If no problem is found, replace the Ox sensor.


AIR SUCTION (AS) SYSTEM (Federal and Canada)

To reduce HC and CO emissions, this system draws in air into exhaust ports to accelerate oxidation, using vacuum generated by the exhaust pulsation in the exhaust manifold.


Intake Manifold Vacuum

Vacuum in VCV Chamber A and B

Air Switching Valve


Normal driving




Full load driving

Low vacuum




Sudden deceleration

High vacuum

*2 High vacuum acts on chamber B


Momentarily OFF

Remarks: *1 The air switching valve shuts off gradually by the VTV.

*2 After a few seconds, vacuum in both chambers of the VCV equalize through the orifice.

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